A mother and daughter who were once inseparable are forcefully separated by Oregon DHS.

Written By: Sarah Boyles Contributed By: Bradley Lindsey 5/4/2016 Tina Stuck from Dallas, Oregon and her daughter, Jordan Yucka, now 15 years old, were separated right after Jordan turned 14 year... Continue reading

Kansas shit it

Kansas residents call for a “Shit-In” in response to ridiculous transgender law.

Written By: Meko Haze 4/27/2016 Residents in Kansas are showing their disapproval for House Bill 2737 by having what may be the countries first ever "Shit-In". Yes, you read that correctly, a Shi... Continue reading

flint michigan murders

Flint, Michigan takes a dark turn as three have been murdered.

Written By: Meko Haze 4/25/2016 The situation in Flint, Michigan is now taking what could be a more devious turn for the worse as two individuals opposing the government's negligence have been fo... Continue reading

Beacon Roofing fails injured employee

Beacon Roofing fails injured employee.

Written By: Heather Miles 4/25/2016 Daily Haze works tirelessly to bring you the stories of everyday people who have had their lives ruined by corruption within the system. By taking these storie... Continue reading

mcdonalds bouncer assaults york man

McDonald’s bouncer in York City Centre assaults customer in viral video.

Written By: Meko Haze 4/16/2016 UPDATE: Daily Haze was able to contact Osbourne who informed us that the man was thrown out of the bar after he head-butted one of the bouncers. It is still what s... Continue reading

Watch as a giant fireball streaks across the sky in the Midwest

Watch as a giant fireball streaks across the sky in the Midwest.

Written By: Sarah Boyles 4/16/2016 Last night a huge fireball that was mainly described as green or blue was seen streaking across the sky in many states. The first sighting seems to be at 10:16 ... Continue reading