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Featured Model | Meghan Comeau

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Name:Meghan Comeau
Website link:
Twitter link: 
Instagram link:@meghancomeau
Booking Contact
Eye color:Green
Dress size:6-8
Shoe size:7 1/2
Skin tone:Medium/olive
Agency:Hype PR
Short Bio:Meghan Comeau, personal trainer and freelance model, fell in love with the health and fitness life style at the age of 19, while working front desk at a gym. Always being an active child growing up, she participated in Gymnastics and Competitive Horseback Riding. As she started to grow as an athlete, she became a body building competitor with the NPC (National Physique Committee) in the bikini division. Now coaching girls for the sport and helping people discover the benefits of living healthy life styles.
What made you want to become a model?After competing in the NPC, inquiries from local models started to become a more common thing. Modeling had never been a dream of mine, since I was very camera shy as a child. But as my confidence grew the love of being in front of the camera has grown as well. It was an accident really!
Career Highlights:NPC Bikini Competitions:
2010 NPC New Hampshire Regional- 1st place
2011 NPC Cutler Classic- 3rd Place
2011 NPC New England's- 2nd Place

Tokkyo Nutrition:
2010- Became Tokkyo Nutrition Sponsored Athlete
2012- Became "Tokkyo Girl" Face of the Tokkyo Nutrition Company and Top Athlete

2013- Signed with Hype PR by Victoria Pressley

2013- Created 'Girl on Fire Fitness' (Personal Training and Competition Coaching Program)
Have you been influenced by other models? If so, which ones?My influences come from everywhere. Other Models/Athletes, photographers... No one person in particular though.
Are there any models you’d love to work with in the future? 
What is your most memorable experience as a model?Being recognized out in public was probably one of the most eye opening and out of body experience! I had a woman walk up to me at a Body Building show and say, "You're the Tokkyo Girl! You're my motivation." 
That was a great feeling to have!
If you weren’t a model and had to get a “real job”, what would you be?Modeling is not my full time job, so I can say that if it was, I would want to do exactly what I'm doing now!
Very content with how my life is going at the moment!
Do you have any advice for emerging models?JUST BE YOURSELF!
Be kind, be grateful, be humble, be creative, be fun, and don't be afraid to take chances!
An ego might take you to the top... but it won't keep you there!
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Published November 7, 2013   –   Categories: Featured Models