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Featured Model | Melissa Lori

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Name:Melissa Lori
Country:United States
Facebook link:
Twitter link:melissalori1
Instagram link:melissalori
Booking Contact Info:Email:
Weight:96 lbs
Eye color:Brown
Dress size:00
Shoe size:5.5
Skin tone:Tanned
Short Bio:I am a graduate of the University of Florida and currently live in Fort Lauderdale. I have been modeling on and off almost my entire life. I am outgoing and a true girly girl. I am all natural and very proud to say that in this industry. My goal is to inspire others through my modeling to love themselves and always feel confident.
What made you want to become a model?I always wanted to be a model since I was a little girl. I liked how much confidence they had, I wanted to have that bold power. The woman's body is so beautiful and everyone was made different for a reason.
Career Highlights:I have been in about 13 magazines, 2 music videos, worked with endless companies, am featured on tons of websites, I have also professionally danced for different djs, and now working on calendars and posters for my fans.
Have you been influenced by other models? If so, which ones?Yes definitely. Ana Braga and Anais Zanotti have helped me immensely with my career and have taught me so much about the industry.
Are there any models you’d love to work with in the future?I have already worked with so many amazing ones! It is always fun meeting new people and connecting.
What is your most memorable experience as a model?Honestly I have many; met a lot of great people, worked with some real artists, learned new things, now starting to travel the world.
If you weren’t a model and had to get a “real job”, what would you be?I studied psychology in college so probably something along the lines of a therapist.
Do you have any advice for emerging models?Don't let anyone tell you, you cannot do something. Confidence is key in this industry. If you want it, go for it.
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Credits for Image 2:Kenny Roland
Credits for Image 3:Jim Maxwell
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Published September 29, 2013   –   Categories: Featured Models