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Featured Model | Katie Ballowe

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Name:Katie Ballowe
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Eye color:Green
Dress size:6
Shoe size:7.5
Skin tone:Mid-Tone
Short Bio:Hey ya'll! I'm a 22 year old Virginia girl. I enjoy anything outdoors! I work with Redneck Nation Clothing, Monster Raxx, DB Paracord, Jim Beam, and Harley Davidson. I am a full time sales representative for a promotional products company. In my free time I like to hunt, fish, and model.
What made you want to become a model?I took a few photography classes in high school and college, and fell in love with being in front of the camera!
Career Highlights:Maxim Hometown Hottie Contestant 2013, Trucks Gone Wild Miss March 2013, Woods 'n Water Magazine Miss June, Vizicaya Swimwear Contest Winner: April, 2013
Have you been influenced by other models? If so, which ones?I've gotten lots of advice from other models, but not necessarily influenced. I'm different, and I like it that way!
Are there any models you’d love to work with in the future?Any outdoors models! I would love to collaborate with ladies with some similar interest!
What is your most memorable experience as a model?I love everything about the promo events- getting out, meeting new people, and having fun!
If you weren’t a model and had to get a “real job”, what would you be?Well I only model part time. I am a full time sales representative for a promotional products company! Love what I do!
Do you have any advice for emerging models?JUST BE YOU! Photographers will want to shoot with you if you're different. Don't shoot with just anyone! Get references, and do your research!
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Credits for Image 2:Eddie Kiplinger
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Published September 25, 2013   –   Categories: Featured Models